Poems from a Forgotten Age

Location: Manila, Philippines

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Going through days

Sunshine reminds me of you
When the noon's rays descend upon me
And I am suddenly filled with heat
from the passion of you...

The rain makes me want you more
Because it is cold
And this kind of weather
makes me want to stay indoors,
curled up in the depths of your soul

I welcome the sunshine
Knowing that on clear days
I can hold your hand without speaking

I treasure the rain because it brings us closer and closer,
till what's left is the pitter-patter of our sighs
on the bed, on the roof

The bright skies and heavy August showers
will always make me long for you
even if you're just sitting across the room
and more so when you are far away from me

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Falling Out

the mind shuts out
what the heart
does not forget
and i ask myself: "how could i?"
there was a bridge that spanned
our discrete lives together
a link to a world
only we understood.

every day, the memories take me back
to where we have been
every night, i smell my pillow
and there is you mixed in the jasmine of my dreams

i look back now and i see:
it was not the shortness of time we kissed
i sought beauty and only beauty...
it's not true we did not love
nobody knows except my heart

Tuesday, March 30, 2004


On this lazy summer day, I miss my man
He who has teased me with a thousand words
And filled my longing for some intimacy in space
His kisses and carresses have warmed me through the lonely nights
when I imagine him beside me amid the oceans that bridge us
He has become close, closer to me than real
I hear him whispering sweet-nothings
to my eager ear and aching heart
bringing me back to the time when
his body bent over mine
our souls entwined

how i long to be with you again
because seeing you is all that matters
on this lazy summer day, I miss you more than ever
but all i have is the vastness of this world that divides us
and there's a chance that I won't find you
when my next mail comes